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Ransomware 2/2: Multi-layered security concept is required

So what can we do if we are not powerless to confront the massive threats posed by blackmail attacks?

The basic […]

You couldn’t imagine such a scenario before

In the past, Stanislav Panow has always been able to solve security incidents with his customers by restoring the backup. […]

Ransomware1/2: Attacks with blackmailing software can mean ‘the end’ for SMEs

When I think about the past fiscal year, I remember one customer situation in particular: a relevant security incident at […]

6 Steps: How to easily and quickly identify the sender of a phishing email

The display name of e-mails consists of plain text, i.e. it is freely editable. Anyone can change the sending address […]

Caution Phishing: Do not automatically open email attachments even from known senders!

Currently, more and more e-mail users receive messages that are supposed to originate from contacts in their own address book, […]

Small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly targeted by cybercriminals

As the global threat landscape becomes more and more complex, the demands on IT departments are growing. Small and medium-sized […]

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